Lions Club of Figtree Inc.

District 201N2, New South Wales, Australia


Lions is a community service organisation! People join Lions because they want to use their intellect, creativity, commitment and enthusiasm to get things done.  This is where you can find out about the sorts of projects that your local Lions Club is doing.  Like what you see?  Get involved!

Centenary Project - boat donation to Sailability Illawarra


AllKids playground, Cambodia

Mitchell Wright, grandson of Lion Bill Wright, visited this Cambodian village.  Figtree  Lions donated $500 to help fund the construction of the playground as shown below. (Posted KRSH 14/10/2014)




Working Bee - Barnardos Community Centre, Bundaleer - 12 February 2014

Despite the attempts of the weather, the working bee went full steam ahead. Gardens, paths, lawns, gutters, roofs all got a good tidy up and a new mulch pit was built from treated pine.


                                                                                                                       Main offices from Northcliffe Drive corner                           Bill Wright, Greg Dombkins, John Ellis, Ian Mackay and Greg Pitt


Rear of main building                                                                         Peter Brown, Greg Pitt, Ian Mackay, John Ellis, Bill Wright               Chris Carey, Dave Berry, John Ellis, Rob Sassall at the new compost bin                         


Ian Mackay ,Greg Dombkins                                                                               Bob Watson, Fritz De Busch removing tree roots from gutter


Borer affected but currently beautiful eucalypt                                                Jan Williams updating on Barnados activities at Bundaleer over morning tea

Outward Bound - January 2014

With the assistance of staff at the Figtree High School, Bainous Dumbuya was chosen to receive Figtree Lions Youth Development Award.  This enabled Bainous to attend the Outward Bound Navigator course between January 6 - 11, 2014.  Bainous shared his experiences with the club at DM1126 on February 4.  Lloyd Worthy from Outward Bound provided fantastic support to help make the project very successful. A taste of the experience can be seen from the photos below. (Posted by KRSH 26/3/14)














 Working Bee - 26 Lawson Avenue, Fairy Meadow (old Rui's Place) - 24 November 2013

The lease on the property at 26 Lawson Street was due to end on 28 November and House With No Steps decided not to renew it.  The landlord required the building to be returned to the original state and that meant removal of the wheelchair ramp we had installed there on December 10 and 11, 2009 plus several other projects.  Six Lions were able to attend at short notice and put in a solid days work as shown below. (posted by KRSH 24/11/2013)


Andy Blakey and Lindsay Colquhoun on the paint                             Dave Berry and John White dismantling the wheelchair ramp            John and Dave down to the ramp stumps


Greg Pitt attacking the damaged gate post                                         David Guy (HWNS), Lindsay and Greg installing new post              Greg applying finishing touches


Lindsay and Dave attacking the porch with paint stripper                   Had to be the worst job of the day!

Figtree Community Park - Story of Steel

Here are some recent photos of the displays in the park. They are looking a bit sad and are in need of a clean-up at least, perhaps some maintenance, but it may also be the case that they have passed their use-by date and should be removed and/or perhaps replaced with something more modern. Our interest is that the display was one of the earliest projects of the Lions Club of Figtree. Whilst Wollongong City Council is responsible for the park, we need to determine if we wish to get involved once again. (Posted by Keith Horrocks 1/7/2011)


                          Display - west                                                         Display - east                                                             Iron ore                                                               Limestone


                            Iron pigs                                                                 Steel ingot                                                             Rod rolling                                                        Structural beams

Lions sign

Here is the old Lions sign that was removed during roadworks at the intersection of Bellevue Avenue and the Princes Highway, Figtree.  Originally, it was planned to renovate the old sign but now it is planned to replace it with a new design.

Shepherd Centre Wollongong

April 11 & 13, 2011

The annual working bee at the Wollongong Shepherd Centre in Dempster Street, West Wollongong was held across two days - April 11 and 13. The concreting tasks were completed on the 11th by John White, Pat Peirce and Arthur Smithers. External and internal painting kept Dave Berry, Henry Karpik, Dave Johnson, Bill Wright, Trevor Field, Greg Dombkins and Keith Horrocks busy across both days. As well as being chief organiser, Rob Sassall also attended to other miscellaneous chores as well. Some evidence of the effort is shown below. (Posted by Keith Horrocks 13 April 2011).



                                          Dave Berry                                                                            Rob and Keith                                                                        John, Dave Berry and Henry 


 Dave Johnson and Henry                                                                        Bill                                                                   Greg                                                                            Trevor

                                      Jim and Greg

Box Trailer for Rui's Place

January 2011

Friday January 21 saw a short and sharp hands-on service project involving the assembly of a box trailer that will, amongst other things, assist Rui's Place transport lots of "stuff" to their annual camping excursion leading up to Easter. Rob Sassall made the excellent suggestion of doing the assembly in his home workshop. Greg Dombkins, John White and I joined Rob for the challenge. Greg and I admired the expertise of our colleagues as they smoothly overcame obstacles as they arose. As the temperature climbed, we continued to remark what a great suggestion Rob's was. Anne kept us going with great refreshments which were also much appreciated. All over in the one day, the trailer is operational after receiving its "blue slip" and registration. Some photos of the effort are recorded below.  (Posted by Keith Horrocks 22 January 2011, updated 13 April 2011).


The task arrives at Robs.                                        Greg unpacks.                                                       It's started!                                                             Greg, Rob and John in earnest consultation.


John & Greg concentrating.                                        The master at work.                                              Taking shape.                                                            Looking like a trailer.


Tough work this!                                                                       The finished article....................................................with some happy Lions.

Rui's Place, House With No Steps

June/July 2010

Over June/July 2010 Figtree Lions assisted Rui's Place by assembling gym equipment (treadmill, exercise bike), installing TV screens on wall brackets and building a bird aviary. Lions involved included Chris Carey, Greg Dombkins, Rob Sassall, Bill Wright, (shown below) plus Dave Berry, Lindsay Colquhoun, Geoff Failes and myself over three separate days. (Posted by Keith Horrocks).


Chris, Rob, Greg and Bill finishing the aviary.          

Rui's Place, House With No Steps, 26 Lawson Street, Fernhill

December 2009

The Family Governance Community Participation programme at Rui's Place commenced at rented premises in Lawson Steet during January 2010. Three clients utilise wheelchairs and a "permanent" but removable ramp was required in lieu of a steep temporary ramp as shown below. Local builder Garry Doughty kindly offerred the services of three of his tradesmen to construct the wooden ramp as shown below on December 10, 2009. Lions Linsday Colquhoun, Greg Dombkins and I finished off the ramp fixing the ramp tread on the following day. The progress is shown below.  (Posted by Keith Horrocks).


The "Before"                                                           Garry Doughty's men in action                                and  again                                                             and again


10 Dec 2009 - nearly done.                                                                  11 Dec 2009 - Lindsay, Greg and Keith - nearly there                     and finally complete with Carlene Horrocks test driving.