Lions Club of Figtree Inc.

District 201N2, New South Wales, Australia

16 May Charity Golf Day

Figtree Lions 4th annual Charity Golf Day was again held at Calderwood Valley Golf Club on Monday May 16.  Proceeds of the event were again directed to the Kids Fund of The Disability Trust.  Volunteers from the Kids Fund assisted Lions and Lions ladies to organise and conduct the event.  Over $7,000 was raised and the Lions Club added some additional monies to donate $10,000 to the Kids Fund for the third year running.  A sample of the beautiful day follows:-                                 (Posted by KRSH 10/6/16)


The makings of breakfast                                                                                             The sun rises through the mist


The fog starts to lift                                                                                                     Keen golfers anticipating another enjoyable walk in the park


John Mathieson, John and Andrew Ellison about the tackle the 1st                                 Great effort by Andrew Ellison on the par 3 4th but just not good enough for NTP


... and Kevin Hartley's group putting on the 18th                                                                        Lunch is served


Chris Carey and Yvonne White kept the food coming                                                     The players resting after their efforts, waiting to acknowledge the prizewinners


Lions Club President Ian Mackay welcomes and thanks all attendees                            Melissa from the Disability Trust thanking the attendees


Winners with lowest gross (63, net 55) -  Mick Drury and his son Adam with Ray          First Prize - (54 Net, 72 gross) Ken Burns and Curt Squires with Ray Jermyn 


Second Prize - (55 Net, 73 gross) Laurie Robinson and Rod Giradot with Ray                 Third Prize - (56.5 Net, 71 gross) Peter Brown with Ray (Les Atkinson missing)


Fourth Prize -  (57 Net, 65 gross) Mark O'Keefe and Jim Romanowski with Ray              Fifth Prize - (58.5 Net, 66 gross)    Andrew Ellison and John Ellison with Ray


Sixth Prize - (58.75 Net, 72 gross)      Geoff Farrar and Graham Thompson with Ray        Seventh Prize - (58.75 Net, 72 gross)      Greg Crowe and Warren Breed with Ray


Eighth Prize - (59.75 Net, 68 gross)    John Fittler and Marco Boncampagni with Ray      Nearest the Pin on 4th hole (men) - Andy Christoforou with Ray                        


Nearest the Pin on 6th hole - Peter Chandler with Ray                                                     Nearest the Pin 17th hole AND Super NTP 8th hole - Graham Wells with Ray


Putting Comp  - Barry Condran (2nd), George Conkey (3rd), Andy Christoforou (4th) and Paul Mac (1st)

November 9-11 - Hunter Valley Golf Trip

This was our 26th golf trip and our 25th ANNIVERSARY.  Twenty-three golfers made the trip which commenced on Monday 9th November at the Hunter Valley Golf Club with a game of Ambrose following an excellent lunch.  The winners on this day were the team of Mackay, Piggott and Karpik.  We then spent the evening at Potters Brewery where we were staying and enjoyed a good meal and a few social drinks.  


Arty Smithers, Harry Pullen, Keith Sassall, Pat Peirce    John White, Brian Hazell, John Sassall, Allan Riches       Bruce Piggott, Ian Mackay, Henry Karpik


Ray Jermyn, Barry Brown, Richie Parsons, Bob Wright     Rob Sassall, Michael Cadorin, Dave Berry, Trevor Field    Dave Johnson, Don Jones, Wayne James, Bill Wright

On day two, after a substantial breakfast, we journeyed to Cypress Lakes Resort for a 9am tee-off and a Stableford team game which was won by Ian Mackay, Keith Sassall, Barry Brown and John White.  We had lunch at the resort which was well received and a few cold ales.  We had a couple of hours to relax back at our rooms before another happy evening was spent at the Brewery having a meal and telling many true stories???  


The whole gang at Cypress Lakes                                  Dave Johnson,  Bob Wright, Dave Berry                        Brian Hazell, Ray Jermyn, Harry Pullen, Bruce Piggott          


John Sassall, Rob Sassall, Henry Karpik, Arty Smithers   Don Jones, Bill Wright, Richie Parsons, Pat Peirce         Michael Cadorin, Wayne James, Trevor Field, Allan Riches


Ian Mackay, Keith Sassall, John White, Barry Brown

Day 3 saw us off to the Hunter Valley Golf Club after another healthy breakfast for a single Stableford game and 2BBB aggregate.  This day turned out to be very competitive with Dave Berry beating Barry Brown on a countback in the single Stableford.  In the 2BBB aggregate, three teams finished on equal points with Dave Berry and Brian Hazell winning on a countback.  The presentation and lunch followed and the deserved winner of the Dave Tanner Memorial Trophy was Ian Mackay.  

 In summing up the trip – the weather was good – the food was good – the beer and wine seemed to be consumed easily – and most of all the company was good - numerous golf balls were lost and won and everyone appeared happy.  We also purchased new golf shirts in celebration of our 25 years and I thought everyone looked fantastic on the 2nd day when they were worn. Bill Wright. (Posted by KRSH 31/8/16)