Lions Club of Figtree Inc.

District 201N2, New South Wales, Australia

2018 2019

Figtree Community Carols - 8 December 2018


The stage from the Lions BBQ                                                                              Crowd at the Figtree High School oval                                          Susan Brown, Jan Hartley and Jill Peirce ready to take orders


Lou Andreatta, Bob Watson, Ian Mackay, Terry Winnell, Rob Sassall      Yvonne White, Helen Johnson, Sue Field, Jan Mackay, Lyn McMahon                    Bill Wright and Andy Christoforou at the BBQ


John McMahon, Michael Cadorin, Gordon O'Donnell at the BBQ                          Greg Dombkins and Pat Peirce delivering the food

Hunter Valley Golf - 12, 13, 14 November 2018


Ian Mackay, Allan Mossman, Peter Brown on 11th green Cypress Lakes                                                                               Post game post mortems under way


Bill Wright tees off on 1st at Cessnock                                                    Wayne James, Bob Wright, Bill Wright, Allan Mossman, Allan Riches    Bill Wright awarding Ian Mackay the Dave Tanner Memorial Trophy


Bill Wright awarding Peter Brown the Trevor Field Memorial trophy              John White awarding Keith Horrocks his Booby prize

Sailability Illawarra - 15 December 2018