Lions Club of Figtree Inc.

District 201N2, New South Wales, Australia

2014/15 Events

March 21 2015 - MS Mega Swim

March 21 and 22 saw the fifth MS MegaSwim held at the University Recreation and Aquatic Centre (URAC). Again some rain tried to interrupt proceedings but as the final hooter went at noon on Sunday, 518.8 km had been swum by over 100 individual swimmers representing 8 teams.  The teams competing this year were AIIM Higher, Aquaholics, Breast Strokers, Crossfit Wollongong, Speeding Torpedoes, Surfing Seahorses, URACians and Water You Thinking About. Team total kilometres swum were 65.5, 60.4, 52.8, 76.1, 67.2, 67.3, 65.5, 64.0 respectively.  The Figtree Lions machine operating smoothly throughout proceedings and it looks like over $25,000 will be raised  to support MS sufferers with Go for Gold scholarships to assist them address some of the impacts of their condition. Event chairman Bill Wright and his committee continued the good work of previous years.  The winning team was the Speedy Torpedoes and Olymian Sarah Ryan joined them for a photo -see below.  Thanks to all for their support.  See you all again next year.  (Posted by KRSH 22/3/2015)



Go! The first swimmers hit the water                                                   Isn't this fun!                                                                                    and spectacular!


Chairman Bill Wright at work                                                              Kevin Hartley and Peter Brown resting                                               and celebrating with Anita O'Reilly (Graham) - Supergirl!                                 


Swimmers need food and food means barbeques (and Lions Cake)        Mark Dandridge and Allan Riches enjoying time in the kitchen               Fritz De Busch conversing with Dave Stevenson the MS representative


some enjoyed dressing up                                                                 others counted laps and waited their turn                                           and others lent moral support


some camped out for the night                                                            meanwhile the pool action continued                                                   whatever it took


Fritz and Gisela kept the bacon and eggs coming, Ian Whitehead sampled                            Finally the hooter blew!                                     and it was all over


Karen Davies MS Ambassodor thanked and congratulated all involved                Some prizes awaited                                                            winning team was Speedy Torpedoes joined by Olympian Sarah


and the crowd cheered!!!!!!

February 3 - DM1150 Chloe Winch and Henry Karpik

26 members were present to hear a report back from Chloe Winch after experiencing the 11 day Navigator Course at Outward Bound, Tharwa, ACT between January 10 to 21. Chloe was the recipient of our second Youth Development Award at Figtree High School, following Bainous Dumbuya in 2014.  The award sponsors the selected student's attendance at the course. Chloe was accompanied by her year adviser Kerrie Harris, who also spoke highly of the benefits of the experience she had already witnessed in Chloe. Chloe told of her initial anxiety and her progression in confidence, despite confessing to setting a new record for the number of falls in a day! It is highly likely several long long friendships could have been initiated.


Fritz De Busch after thanking Chloe for her presentation                      Kerrie Harris, President Wayne James and Chloe Winch

Following Chloe's presentation, club member Henry Karpik acted as guest speaker on behalf of Vision Australia, for whom Henry is a volunteer.  Henry now suffers from macular degeneration and whilst sharing his personal journey through the experience, demonstrated the numerous aids available through Vision Australia to assist those with low vision.  Peter Brown moved the vote of thanks.


Henry in full flight                                                                               Peter giving Henry the thanks of the club

Posted by KRSH 11/2/2015

January 6 - DM1148 Barefoot Bowls at Figtree Bowling Club

16 Lions were up for the challenge and only a few bowls went out of bounds during an enjoyable evening.  Fortunately scores were not recorded and that saves some a little embarrassment - back to the golf course next week!


Pre game briefing                                                   Hartley, Cadorin, Tolerton and Blakey concentrating   This is pretty good!


John Ellis showing some form                                  Andy's smiling because.....                                     he's just done this.  Well done, Andy!!!


Ray Smith about to strike                                      Greg Dombkins watching Richie Parsons roll the jack. Peter Brown, Wayne James, Jim and Andy resting

Jim Tolerton has the idea now!                                                                                                  (Posted by KRSH 16/1/2015)


December 16 - Christmas Party at the Grange

It was a full house at the Grange Golf Club function room when 30 Lions were joined by 29 partners plus Claudette Tanner and Elwyn Jordan and his wife to celebrate the Christmas season and the half way mark of the Lions year.  Greg Dombkins did a great job organising the night's activities which included lucky door prizes, entertainment with song and guitars by Henry Karpik and Elwyn Jordan, poetry by President Wayne James and, of course, the Kris Kringle to wind up the evening - there was food served along the way too! (Posted by KRSH 17/12/14)





the first activity for the night was the drawing of the lucky door prizes for 15 lucky people...


President Wayne came dressed for the part wearing boots with suitable belt to match and hat to top it off....


and the poem was a story of a cowboy's fear of flying.....delivered in style

Then it was time for the musical entertainment by our own Henry Karpik accompanied by his guitar teacher Elwyn Jordan - the crowd knew most of the words!


The finale was the Kris Kringle where it took a while for the chosen gifts to be on-gifted to another lucky recipient. Chairman Greg kept proceedings moving and whilst wines were popular, the gift that received most attention this year was the jester's hat which ended the evening on John McMahon's head.


November 23 - Lions Breakfast

Many thanks to John and Jenny Ellis for hosting the Lions Breakfast at their home amongst the gum trees in Kembla Grange. A beautiful setting.


whilst some helped out at the barbeque (Greg Pitt and Ian Mackay captured here), others enjoyed the relaxing brunch...



November 18 - Youth of the Year Club Final

John Ellis organised the YOTY Club Final for 2013/14 at the Grange Golf Club which has served as well in recent years. Again, an impressive array of students participated with this year's winner Connor Hutchinson being the first time for a contestant from Cedars Christian College.  Jelena Zaric became the third member of her family to participate and she won the Public Speaking prize.  The other contestants were Justin Biceski from Edmund Rice College, Tahlia Jackson and Emily l'Ons both from The Illawarra Grammar School.  Congratulations to all.  Our judges were again Trish McClure, Shae Davies and John Driscoll. (Posted by KRSH 17/12/14)


                                                                                                                                                          YOTY winner Connor Hutchinson with chief judge Shae Davies


Jelena Zaric with Shae Davies                                   Connor with President Wayne                                  Jelena with President Wayne


Justin Biceski with President Wayne                         Tahlia Jackson with President Wayne                       Emily l'Ons with President Wayne

President Wayne James and YOTY Chairman John Ellis with the judges - Trish McClure, Shae Davies and John Driscoll

November - Hunter Valley Golf Trip



October 12 - Rise & Shine Clean-up

Andy Blakey organised our annual morning of helping Wollongong City Council improve the appearance of our neighbourhood at our usual venues of the Western Suburbs pool and railway car park at Unanderra plus the soccer fields for the first time. Andy was joined by Ferit Uyguc, Geoff Failes, Chris Carey, Greg Dombkins and Keith Horrocks (Posted by KRSH 17/1//14)


September 2 - DM1140 - visit by Vice District Governor

Sally Wilton, the 1st Vice District Governor, visited with husband Stan and Zone Chairman Kelley Ryan. Bannerettes were exchanged with President Wayne. (Posted by KRSH 17/12/14)


A joke was enjoyed before Sally presented service awards to Trevor Field and Ian Whitehead


July 15 - DM1137 - Illawarra Kids with Disabilities Kid's Fund

Charity Golf Day Chairman Greg Dombkins organised a sponsor's dinner at which a $10,000 cheque was presented to Belinda Dawson and Mathew Martin representing the Kid's Fund.


Awards from the 2012/13 year were presented by Immediate Past President Arty Smithers to Ian Mackay, who received an Ian M Stockdale Award but was unable to be present at the Changeover dinner, and to Keith Horrocks President 2011/12 who accepted Club Excellence Award for that year on behalf of the club making it two years in a row. (Posted by KRSH 17/12/14)


July 11 - Shepherd Centre Working Bee

Rob Sassall organised the working bee and was assisted by Pat Peirce, Chris Carey, Dave Johnson, Ray Smith and Andy Blakey. (Posted by KRSH 17/12/14)